Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization fully committed in discovering past documentations that support and preserve the history of the Republic of Haiti. The organization seeks to establish truth and accuracy in its quest to enable current and future generations of the Haitian diaspora to understand, appreciate and be empowered by the role and contributions that Haitians have offered the American society. It is important too that they understand the key positions that their forefathers held in other nations around the world.

HAHS claim to fame is the Haitian Memorial Monument that Miami-based sculptor, James Mastin, unveiled October 9, 2007, completed in 2009 in Franklin Square, Savannah, Georgia. It represents Haitian soldiers, “Les Chasseurs Volontaires de St. Domingue”, that fought at the Siege of Savannah battle of the American Revolution and are remembered for their valor at combat. HAHS is requesting your unconditional support of its monument projects, Inauguration Events and Community Outreach programs.

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HAHS next project is “The General Biassou” Memorial in St Augustine Florida. The late General is one of the founding fathers of the Haitian Revolution.


The History through the Arts program, gives professional Miami Dade Artists, the opportunity to enter Miami public school classrooms to teach the little known facts of the contribution of Haitians of African descent.


The Interschool Art Contest is meant to inspire children about expressing in their own way the history of  Haiti and its implications for the worldwide end of slavery, Civil right as we know it today and the birth of Pan Americanism.

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