The truthful knowledge of historical facts always highlights the basis for the better understanding among people and/or communities who have lived the same experience or have shared separately similar account of past glory and suffering. Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) intends to promote understanding and positive cooperation of all groups of African descent towards a better appreciation of their common heritage.


Million Man MarchThe Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) is dedicated to investigating fully any past circumstances where Haitian’s contributions have been identified, and hereby pledges to cooperate and collaborate with other organizations and/or entities committed to achieving the same. HAHS seeks truth and accuracy in historical events where the conviction of the participants serves as foundation for mutual respect and cross-ethnic collaboration. HAHS intends to highlight the contributions of Haitians and Blacks through various means of documentations: identify, research and compile data of Haitians and Blacks who have performed deeds of great historical significance.

HAHS seeks to show the accomplishment of the historical stature of Haitians and Blacks through various means of dissemination of knowledge: educate the public and the world through HAHS representatives’ networking with other organizations, participation and sponsorship in forums for all kinds of audiences and school-based programs and projects. HAHS seeks to promote diversity of culture and history through these programs and projects and bring together persons of different ethnic backgrounds for interchange.