Haitian Monument in Franklin Square, Savannah, GA


Henri ChristopheThe Volonteer-Hunters of Saint-Domingue- Les Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Domingue – a volunteer regiment made up of ten companies of light infantry (chasseurs) enlisted from “freemen of color”. It was the largest unit of men of African descent to fight and proudly participated in the American Revolutionary War in Savannah, Georgia. This group of brave soldiers was established by an order on March 12, 1779, under the command of Laurent François Le Noir de Rouvray. In 1779, Saint-Domingue was an island colony of France. It is now divided into the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In September and October of the same year, these troops made up one-tenth of the allied army in the six-week siege of Savannah, Georgia, including the battle of September 24th and the attack of October 9th.

The small drummer boy named Henri Christophe, who participated in the American Revolutionary War in Savannah, Georgia, became later a tremendous leader in the Haitian independence from French Colony. He became a commander of the Haitian Army in Cap-Haïtien, northern part of Haiti and later king for fourteen years of that region. Henri Christophe was well-known for building the Citadelle, now an UNESCO recognized patrimony and the palace of Sans Soucis near the City of Cap-Haïtien. These two important monuments represent a center of attraction and destination for world tourism.


Savannah Ground Breaking

City Council members join with representatives from the Haitian Monument Committee on Monday in Franklin Square for a groundbreaking ceremony at the future site of the Haitian Monument to honor the Chasseurs Voluntaires de Saint-Domingue, who fought for American Independence at the Siege of Savannah in 1779. The ceremony opened with welcomed remarks from Savannah Mayor, Otis S Johnson. Read More…..

Savannah Ground Breaking 2

After 228 years as largely unsung contributors to American independence, Haitian soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War’s bloody siege of Savannah had a monument dedicated in their honor Monday. About 150 people, many of them Haitian-Americans who came to Savannah for the event, gathered in Franklin Square where life-size bronze statues of four soldiers now stand atop a granite Read More…..


Unveiling Ceremony

In a ceremony that was part revival and part recognition of a Revolutionary War debt, the Haitian-American Historical Society unveiled its monument in Franklin Square on Monday morning. The four bronze soldiers atop the monument’s granite base represent the service and sacrifice of the Chasseurs Volontaires de Saint-Domingue, the 500-man Haitian unit that fought in the Oct. 9, 1779, Read More…

Unveiling Ceremony Part 2

Most of the impetus for the creation of the memorial came from the Miami-based Haitian-American Historical Society. Founded in 2001, one of the Society’s first projects was to obtain recognition of the role played by soldiers of pre-Revolutionary Haiti in America’s own independence. Society members spent a total of seven years drumming up support for the monument from Savannah officials and securing (in two stages) the over $500,000 needed to construct the memorial. Read More…

Unveiling Ceremony Part 3

Saxophonist Jowee Omicil plays the national anthems of the United States and Haiti at the start of the unveiling of the Haitian Memorial Monument in Franklin Square. Observing is Bernice Fidelia, Haitian-American Historical Society board member and Master of Ceremonies of the event. Read More…

Haitian Delegation
Speaking over the constant rumble of tour buses, Savannah and Haitian officials gathered at Franklin Square on Monday morning and spoke confidently Read More…..

American Embassy Letter
Thank you for you kind invitation to the unveiling of the Haitian Memorial Monument in Savannah, Georgia. I congratulate you and your society on this achievement Read More…

Florida House Proclamation
Representative Phillip J. Brutus District 108. It is proclaimed on behalf of the One Hundred Twenty members of the Florida House of Representative and the constituents of House District. Read More…

President Clinton Letter
Warm greeting to everyone gathered in Savannah for the second anniversary celebration and completion of the Haitian Memorial Monument at Franklin Square. Read More…

Historical Markers
In its fourth year, the American Revolution had become an international conflict. Rebelling American Colonies and their French allies attempted to capture Savannah from the British in 1779. Read More…

Deering Estate
In celebration of Haitian Cultural Heritage Month, the Deering Estate at Cutler recently hosted the unveiling even of Haitian artist Carl Craig’s Resurrection 2009. Read More…